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Why, you ask, do people gripe? For the most part, it is to get something off of their chests that they can’t process from within. In finding popular opinion to justify our feelings, we unify. Unification brings us together, and then we gripe in unison, especially in Pittsburgh. For example, how many Facebook statuses in your newsfeed are whining about traffic right now? I’m sure it’s not as many as the weekdays, but there are probably at least more than 5. The top 5 Pittsburgh gripes that, in my experience, have won out to be most popular, are as follows:

  • Traffic: When there is traffic in or around the infamous tunnel monster, you are sure to hear about it. That is, if you’re not sitting in it yourself. And even then, you are sure to hear Pittsburgh’s loud yell in the form of honking, screeching tires, and jagoff slurs.

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