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If you are like most of the people in the movie Run Fatboy Run, you may be asking, “Why (run)?” If you’re unsure as to why/how to run a 5K successfully, I’m here to tell you. If I can run a 5K, anyone can! How to run a 5K? RUN like the wind! Why? Only you can answer that question. Below are some (hopefully) helpful tips on how to survive your first.  And you can look forward to a Color Me Rad Pittsburgh 5K photo journal soon, also.

Registration Tips

When registering for a 5K, you may find out you have to raise money in order to meet a goal to run for certain organizations, especially for bigger runs like the Pittsburgh Marathon. You may be able to register as an individual, but depending on the organization, you may need to join a team. Registration is pretty self-explanatory, though. There may be a flat fee involved if you aren’t raising money for a charity of some kind, just so you know. Make sure you read the fine print, though, about when to pick up your registration packet, dates, times, other fees, and whether or not you can run and walk in said 5K.

Running, shoes, running shoes

Get your running shoes ready…

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tennis shoes

In my experience, being courteous pays off in the end, in any situation. When walking or running on the trail I frequent every couple of days, that happens to be part of the Appalachian Trail, I have noticed that people tend not to say anything when they come up behind you, when your music is blaring and you’re focused on the road ahead; instead they blaze past you like a bat out of hell without saying a word. Who does that? For some, this may be a little irritating.  At least a warning would be nice.

In thinking about this countless times, I’ve decided to come up with a list of warnings that should be uttered, and things that should be pondered whilst on a trail or sidewalk exercising near others.


  • Keep control of your dog, cat, or lizard while on the trail. It’s not very nice to have an animal of some sort wrench towards you, and maybe your little dog, too.

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