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If you are like most of the people in the movie Run Fatboy Run, you may be asking, “Why (run)?” If you’re unsure as to why/how to run a 5K successfully, I’m here to tell you. If I can run a 5K, anyone can! How to run a 5K? RUN like the wind! Why? Only you can answer that question. Below are some (hopefully) helpful tips on how to survive your first.  And you can look forward to a Color Me Rad Pittsburgh 5K photo journal soon, also.

Registration Tips

When registering for a 5K, you may find out you have to raise money in order to meet a goal to run for certain organizations, especially for bigger runs like the Pittsburgh Marathon. You may be able to register as an individual, but depending on the organization, you may need to join a team. Registration is pretty self-explanatory, though. There may be a flat fee involved if you aren’t raising money for a charity of some kind, just so you know. Make sure you read the fine print, though, about when to pick up your registration packet, dates, times, other fees, and whether or not you can run and walk in said 5K.

Running, shoes, running shoes

Get your running shoes ready…

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This city, while sometimes challenging for the directionally challenged like myself, is a great destination to see for history lovers and adventurous travelers alike. These are some of the main things you don’t want to miss when you come here to visit, and also some things to keep an eye out for.

1) Don’t expect to get anywhere quickly on weeknights from 3:30-7:30 P.M. This is commonly referred to as “rush hour” in other cities, but other locations of this size are not comparable. You can expect to be stuck when going through any of the major tunnels in this town during these times for 2-3 hours at least.
2) There are free things that you can do every day in Pittsburgh. For example, many times, the museums around town will have days of the week where you can go for free all day long. Check out this site for more on that:
http://www.livingpittsburgh.com/2009/10/living-pittsburghs-free-and-affordable-events-listing-things-to-d/ .

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What would you do if you had tourists in that weren’t hungry, and didn’t drink that much, besides call them a jagoff? I have 5 charismatic destinations that are guaranteed to thrill you and your friends and/or family. For example, in the little town of Swissvale, we have the exotic and enticing Trundle Manor. This place holds skeletons, skulls, and some jarred specimens for the curious friends on your list. For the artsy type,  there is Fallingwater, and for the outdoorsy type, the Carrie Furnaces. For the risk-takers, I would recommend Kayak Pittsburgh and Skydiving Pittsburgh.

Fallingwater PA

Photo credit: Esther Westerveld

Fallingwater: Frank Lloyd Wright designed and built this extraordinary house in Ohiopyle between 1936 and 1939. Check out the website link above for more pictures. You are sure to be amazed. Fun fact: Wright’s parents, the Kaufmanns, are from Pittsburgh, and yes, they are the same Kaufmanns who owned the chain of stores with the same name. Surprisingly, many of this home’s corners are made of glass. The house is built over a waterfall, and was priced at $155,000 in 1939 ($2.6 million inflation-adjusted for 2013). It is 5,330 feet of magnificence, and looks to be breathtaking.

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There are countless murals, paintings, and the like around Pittsburgh. There are the Oakland doors and Shadyside murals, just to name a couple. Braddock, near the east end of Pittsburgh, has many such murals, but the signs are way more interesting, welcoming you to Braddock in as many ways as possible. They are displayed on both ends of Braddock, with a few in the middle, too. With Braddock’s renovations in the past few years, including benefiting from some grant money given to the town by Levi’s, and the Braddock Redux project, headed by a Harvard graduate, who is also called the mayor of Braddock by its residents, John Fetterman. Urban farming is growing here, also. They are making their way towards growth, and while these have all been baby steps, to some Braddock is home. They have called it their homes for decades, and meshing the new with the old seems to be the one of the only strides they need to overcome, when it comes to businesses around town, along with people’s perception of Braddock. It is still considered a depressed area, but hopefully in the near future it will be rejuvenated, and will be called home again by new residents and businesses alike.








Braddock, PA

This is a mural about the North Braddock Aviary, which, mysteriously, I couldn’t find any info on…

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This is the 2nd part of a 2-part series: The ABCs of Pittsburgh

Newsworthy: We have made the lists for most affordable city, the second on the top ten cities to pursue the American dream in, and most recently we were ranked as the second most unhappy city, which is pretty much ludicrous. All in all, we make the news. A lot.

Outdoor festivals: The annual Three Rivers Arts Festivals, The Pittsburgh Vintage Grand Prix, and various community days and sidewalk sales around Pittsburgh have made it one of the most livable cities, also.

Penguins hockey: These guys are at training camp right now, also. Go Pens!

Penguin meme

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Pittsburgh Penguins flag

A little ragged, but whose flag isn’t?

More new management, and also many new players, have decided to come along the rollercoaster ride that is the new Pittsburgh Penguins lineup. We have a hard time letting go here in Pittsburgh, but we will do our best to welcome the new players and management, without making them prove they’re not jagoffs first.

First, let’s start with our losses:

-James Neal (Nashville Predators)

-Jussi Jokinen (Florida)

-Tanner Glass (NY Rangers)

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Why, you ask, do people gripe? For the most part, it is to get something off of their chests that they can’t process from within. In finding popular opinion to justify our feelings, we unify. Unification brings us together, and then we gripe in unison, especially in Pittsburgh. For example, how many Facebook statuses in your newsfeed are whining about traffic right now? I’m sure it’s not as many as the weekdays, but there are probably at least more than 5. The top 5 Pittsburgh gripes that, in my experience, have won out to be most popular, are as follows:

  • Traffic: When there is traffic in or around the infamous tunnel monster, you are sure to hear about it. That is, if you’re not sitting in it yourself. And even then, you are sure to hear Pittsburgh’s loud yell in the form of honking, screeching tires, and jagoff slurs.

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