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This town is a sports town. We all know this to be true. We do enjoy other things now and again, though, in this city. Some of the best gifts for Pittsburghers near and far can be found online, or in a store near you, if you live in Pittsburgh, that is. There is so much to see in this landscape-filled town, so get someone the gift of the view off of Mount Washington, or ice skating at PPG. What more could you ask for from a dazzling Steel City like ours?

Sports Gifts: Get your ‘Burgher a terrible towel, a Pens ugly Christmas sweater, or a Pirates tee, and they are guaranteed to be pleased.

Pittsburgh Penguins ugly sweater

Ugly Penguins Christmas sweater, anyone?

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The Steelers’ Ben Roethlisberger threw for 340 yards and six scores and set an NFL record for touchdown passes in consecutive games in an awesome victory over the Ravens this last Sunday.

Mean Joe Greene’s #75 was also retired this last weekend during halftime. This legend of Pittsburgh got a great showing at the game and everyone was abuzz about this event on Monday.

Pittsburgh Steelers

A Steelers car seen at the Pittsburgh History Museum.

And now onto the Pens!

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Hockey is back. I can smell the ice and the excitement all the way from Swissvale. None of these tweets below will ever be as awesome (to me) as Mike Lange’s classic, “Slap me silly, Sidney!” There were some good ones, though. The Pens played hard. Fleury was hated on, followed by a monstrous “Fleury, Fleury, Fleury!” chant. There were fights; there were penalties. Steigy made a generalizing German comment; Errey was cool as a cucumber. The fans were rowdy, and this town was having fun.  I will never get sick of these things, no matter how many years go by. I am a hockey fan at heart, and a new promising season has begun. Sill held ground and moved to the top of the roster for some, and Hornquist did pretty well, too. Maybe Johnston will turn things around; maybe we will have a winning team this year (again). Who knows what the season will bring. All I know is that it was great night for hockey in this steel town.

And now, for the best tweets of the night:

Pittsburgh Penguins tweets

Pittsburgh Penguins tweets


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Pittsburgh Penguins flag

A little ragged, but whose flag isn’t?

More new management, and also many new players, have decided to come along the rollercoaster ride that is the new Pittsburgh Penguins lineup. We have a hard time letting go here in Pittsburgh, but we will do our best to welcome the new players and management, without making them prove they’re not jagoffs first.

First, let’s start with our losses:

-James Neal (Nashville Predators)

-Jussi Jokinen (Florida)

-Tanner Glass (NY Rangers)

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We will all remember where we were when we heard Dan Byslma was fired from the Penguins management team. I was in Lowe’s, shocked and appalled after hearing the news from my Pens alert. I yelped in shock and uttered a few obscene words, but all in all, I was mostly just disappointed. Bylsma came to Pittsburgh, and seemingly turned this team around. When asked about him, the team always had good things to say. He got us a Stanley Cup in 2009, and kept us in the Playoffs for the last 5 years. Personally, I liked the guy, but I don’t get a vote on the new management the Pens bring in. Other changes included promoting Jason Botterill to Associate General Manager and naming Bill Guerin and Tom Fitzgerald to Assistant General Managers, if you hadn’t heard the news yet.

At least it wasn't McGuire...

To send Bylsma off, I’d like to share some awesome things he has done for the Pens (for the haters):

-He coached the team to win a franchise-record 252 games

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We’re still in the Playoffs (barely), so it’s time for a little hockey trivia. Here are some interesting facts about our Pittsburgh Penguins:

The only symbol in the Penguins logo that has stayed the same throughout all of the years the Penguins have been around (since 1967), is the golden triangle. This is a symbol of the city, because it represents the meeting of the three major rivers, and is the center of the City of Bridges.

In 1980, the Penguins changed their colors from blue and white to the city’s traditional black and gold color scheme.   lemieuxjerseyforblog Continue Reading