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These yinzers have been around the block—the blocks of Pittsburgh, that is. These Pittsburghese bloggers write about whatever suits your fancy, including the terrible drivers in Pittsburgh, the roads in the ‘Burgh, and food to try in our Steel City. So, pay attention, you jagoff! These ‘Burgh blogs will teach you lessons about life, and everything you need to know about this great city.

Heinz Field Pittsburgh

We take football seriously in this town.

Ya Jagoff! This blogs has had some great posts in the past about Mike Lange (an awesome feature they do, called “Yakkin’ With Ya Jagoff”), Pittsburgh traffic news, and even comical memes to boot. Their images are some of the best. My recent favorite was about how they made Pittsburgh versions of the Coke bottles with names on them.

Minimum Wage Memoirs: This ruthless blog reminds of some of my tales from when I was taking the retail route through life (sometimes I wish I were back there). These memoirs tackle some of the most irritating tropes you’ll find in retail, and tell the story behind some of the most horrific sights the writer has seen in stores around the ‘Burgh. She also laments the fact that she works in customer service, but always comes back to the fact that we should all be good to each other, and even if it is “just retail,” you’re still working as a team, and the lessons you are learn in customer service cannot be taught anywhere else in life.

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