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Zombies always ruled here,” Said Scott Tady in Times Online, “Zombie diehards viewed Pittsburgh as the horror genre’s epicenter many years before the undead drama The Walking Dead.

This is what many people say about Pittsburgh, and this past week, more than ever before, passersby have commented on zombie shirts I tend to wear. One is pictured below, and the other is my favored Steel City Con tee with a zombie on it. This reminded me that Pittsburgh is the Zombie Capital of the World, and the timeline below explains just how our zombie heritage began here.


1968: The Night of the Living Dead was set in and filmed here in Pennsylvania. The movie filmed here in Butler County and Evans City. George Romero went to Carnegie Mellon, and his first work was filming shorts for WQED’s Mister Roger’s Neighborhood. The MPAA rating system wasn’t in place until November 1968, so this movie didn’t even have a rating. Romero also directed Dawn of the DeadDay of the DeadLand of the DeadDiary of the Dead, and Survival of the Dead.

 1978: Dawn of the Dead filmed in Monroeville Mall; the famous Tom Savini, who has done makeup and special effects for movies such as Martin, Dawn of the DeadCreepshow, and Monkey Shines, started out helping with makeup for this very movie.

1985: Greg Nicotero, also from Pittsburgh, assisted Tom Savini, starting off with Romero’s Day of the Dead this year, and has since done makeup for movies such as Planet Terror and Evil Dead II. Nicotero now does makeup for The Walking Dead.

2005: Land of the Dead was released, which was set in downtown Pittsburgh.The game Urban Dead is released, and is set in Pittsburgh.

-Also in 2005: The University of Pittsburgh’s Safar Center for Resuscitation Research announced that they had placed dogs in suspended animation and reanimated them. They drained the dogs’ blood, then injected a low-temperature solution into their veins. After they were clinically dead for three hours, the blood was put back into their circulatory systems’ and delivered an electric shock to their hearts, which brought them back to life.

2006: The first notable Zombie Walk is held in Pittsburgh. This one set the world record at Monroeville Mall with 1,028 zombies, which has since been beaten. Ever since, though, it has raised money for The Pittsburgh Food Bank (whenever you go to the zombie walk, you are asked to bring at least 1 can of non-perishable food to the walk with you).

2007: Diary of the Dead, another Romero film, came out, which is a story about Pitt students who are making a horror film, and end up starring in a real-life horror film filled with zombies.

2008: The video game Left 4 Dead is released, which makes reference to Pittsburgh with in-game locations such as Mercy Hospital and Allegheny National Forest.

2009: Pittsburgh becomes home to Quarantine, The Zombie Opera.

2012:Lawrenceville’s House of the Dead opened. This was also the year that the card game Pittsburgh 68 was released, which pays tribute to original zombie classics. Also, runners had their first chance to take part in The Zombie Mud Run and Run From Zombies marathons.

2013: Hines Ward was cast as a zombie in The Walking Dead.

These pesky little insects have been flying around my head at night for too long! There’s got to be a way to get rid of them…right? I am going to try out six home remedies, recommended by some of my Facebook friends, along with some recommendations from Google. But first, if you are not from Pennsylvania, or any of the other 20+ states that have been hit by tornadoes of stink bugs, you may not know what they are. Let me introduce you.

stink bug

Living amongst the dead…

As I have found on many blogs, websites, etc., stink bugs originated in multiple Asian countries, such as China, Taiwan, Japan, and South Korea (they say by way of cargo ships, possibly). But, did you know that the first stink bugs found in the United States were spotted in our very own backyard? You heard it correctly; stink bugs were first found in Eastern Pennsylvania, Allentown to be exact, in 1998. Many say they may have been living here longer than that, but that was the first known discovery of them here in the U.S.

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