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This season contained some sad endings, but also some new beginnings. Cooper passed away, but Don got a new start, along with Ted Chaough. Cutler is still on the team, regrettably, but Joan turned her back on Don. When Draper started this season, he had everything, and now, everything is crumbling down around him. Will he escape it all this time, and come out of the other side a better person, or go back to his perpetual downward spiral? I happen to think it’s the first option, but we’ll see what happens…

When I first began watching this season of Mad Men, I thought that we would see Don’s children getting more familiar with his past, but the only one he seemed to bond with was Sally, towards the middle of the season. It took a lot to get back on her mostly good side, but Don did his best, just as he tried to get back on the pleasant side of SC&P. I think he succeeded in that by the end of the 7th episode of the 7th season. He took charge, even if it wasn’t his to take, and gathered the troops in to vote on Roger’s new plan. Sterling stepped up to be a leader, which may be the next best thing to Cooper.


First, let’s check in on Peggy, who has had her ups and downs throughout this season, but ended on an up, when Don finally started to allow her take charge and be independent at SC&P, and because he decided to stick it out there a little longer. She has had a managing role in the office for a while, but Don refused to take her seriously throughout most of this season. In my mind, he has finally come to the terms with the fact that he needs to make up for his mistakes, and someone else needs to take the reins at this point. Peggy is in the perfect position to do this. I doubted her for just a split second a couple of episodes ago when, even though her pitch for Burger Chef in episode 6 was perfect as it was, she needed Don to verify how she felt about it. They did, however, come up with an even better pitch together, which leads me to believe they are the perfect team. Draper and Olson are not meant to fall in love, but they are meant to be together for a long, long time. This was shown in the conclusion of the season, when they were shown looking back at each other as they each went to their respective offices, bonded again at last.

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