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Hockey is back. I can smell the ice and the excitement all the way from Swissvale. None of these tweets below will ever be as awesome (to me) as Mike Lange’s classic, “Slap me silly, Sidney!” There were some good ones, though. The Pens played hard. Fleury was hated on, followed by a monstrous “Fleury, Fleury, Fleury!” chant. There were fights; there were penalties. Steigy made a generalizing German comment; Errey was cool as a cucumber. The fans were rowdy, and this town was having fun.  I will never get sick of these things, no matter how many years go by. I am a hockey fan at heart, and a new promising season has begun. Sill held ground and moved to the top of the roster for some, and Hornquist did pretty well, too. Maybe Johnston will turn things around; maybe we will have a winning team this year (again). Who knows what the season will bring. All I know is that it was great night for hockey in this steel town.

And now, for the best tweets of the night:

Pittsburgh Penguins tweets

Pittsburgh Penguins tweets


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