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Where: Starts in Station Square

How much: Adults-$22, Children-$15

I know you’ve probably heard that the Just Ducky Tours of Pittsburgh are just for kids, but why not be a kid this weekend? Passengers gain history, little quacking noisemakers (which are not free of charge, by the way), and a view of this awesome city all in one ride.

This guy's title was the best...

This guy’s title was the best…

There are more than 5 reasons that most would go on the Just Ducky Tours, but here are the ones that matter:

  1. You get a bit of Pittsburgh history.  I learned so much on the Ducky Tours that I didn’t already know, and I consider myself to be a pretty knowledgeable person, at least when it comes to Pittsburgh facts. For example, the tour leaders, or captains, as they called themselves, informed us that the Grant Building downtown flashes Pittsburgh in Morse code for (airborne) passersby. Also, the fact that we have the most bridges in the world to this day was pretty shocking; 446 to be exact.
  2. The captains give you a pass to quack at people in the city without consequence. Who hasn’t wanted to do this once or twice? Alright, maybe not that many of us, but it is pretty comical. When you are taking the tour through the city, there are random times when the captains and tourists alike quack loudly to the gods, and that, my friend, is the epitome of fun.
  3. You get a chance to be a captain of a boat. Yes, the tour goes in the water. This is not another one of those ‘Burgh myths. The bus’s wheels get sucked up into the underbelly, and you make your way right into the North Shore. They only pick a few, so be sure to jump up and down and wave your hand like crazy if you want to be selected.
  4. If you have friends/family in town, this is a great way to give them a tour of the city.  They will be surprised that the tour goes in the water, and also get to see our city from the river, which is honestly the best viewpoint. Besides the bridges, that is.
  5. Our beautiful city is a sight to see. On the tour, you will see downtown and the North Shore the most, but also long shots of Mt. Washington, all of the infamous rivers, and the Pointe, among other points of interest in the city. It’s almost majestic, so low in the Monongahela that you can almost touch it, surrounded by bridges and the unique skyline that is downtown Pittsburgh.
A view from the boat

A view from the boat

For more information, check out the Just Ducky Tour’s very own website: