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These pesky little insects have been flying around my head at night for too long! There’s got to be a way to get rid of them…right? I am going to try out six home remedies, recommended by some of my Facebook friends, along with some recommendations from Google. But first, if you are not from Pennsylvania, or any of the other 20+ states that have been hit by tornadoes of stink bugs, you may not know what they are. Let me introduce you.

stink bug

Living amongst the dead…

As I have found on many blogs, websites, etc., stink bugs originated in multiple Asian countries, such as China, Taiwan, Japan, and South Korea (they say by way of cargo ships, possibly). But, did you know that the first stink bugs found in the United States were spotted in our very own backyard? You heard it correctly; stink bugs were first found in Eastern Pennsylvania, Allentown to be exact, in 1998. Many say they may have been living here longer than that, but that was the first known discovery of them here in the U.S.

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