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There are countless murals, paintings, and the like around Pittsburgh. There are the Oakland doors and Shadyside murals, just to name a couple. Braddock, near the east end of Pittsburgh, has many such murals, but the signs are way more interesting, welcoming you to Braddock in as many ways as possible. They are displayed on both ends of Braddock, with a few in the middle, too. With Braddock’s renovations in the past few years, including benefiting from some grant money given to the town by Levi’s, and the Braddock Redux project, headed by a Harvard graduate, who is also called the mayor of Braddock by its residents, John Fetterman. Urban farming is growing here, also. They are making their way towards growth, and while these have all been baby steps, to some Braddock is home. They have called it their homes for decades, and meshing the new with the old seems to be the one of the only strides they need to overcome, when it comes to businesses around town, along with people’s perception of Braddock. It is still considered a depressed area, but hopefully in the near future it will be rejuvenated, and will be called home again by new residents and businesses alike.








Braddock, PA

This is a mural about the North Braddock Aviary, which, mysteriously, I couldn’t find any info on…

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