When you’re looking for something to do on a Sunday night, you have a limited selection, because many places close early. So when you have visitors in, or are just bored on a Sunday night, consider doing some of the things on the following list from one Pittsburgher to another.

Go to a Steelers game. While Steelers tickets may be expensive for more sought-out game nights, spending time at Heinz Field is probably not something you get to do every day. Checking out a game with friends and/or family could quite possibly be the best night you have all week. Checking out a Pens game sounds like an awesome option to me, too.

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You may know him for his roles as Spock in the modern Star Trek movies, Sylar from Heroes, or even Adam Kaufman from 24, but I know him as a guy I saw in a Greentree Subway once.  In shock, I stared (hard) at someone who I thought looked a lot like Zachary Quinto in one of my favorite sandwich shops. I commented to my significant other that he in fact, looked A LOT like him. We continued to stare, and it finally dawned on us—it WAS Zachary Quinto! I think he realized others were coming to this conclusion, too, and rushed through his order (and no, I don’t know what he ordered). As he attempted to leave, my other half commented, “Mr. Quinto!” I was astounded that he got the courage up to utter his name. I know I didn’t. The next thing I know, the three of us were scrambling for a phone (our friend, Will, was here for this experience, also), as we had asked him if we could get a picture taken with him before he left. I ran to the car, and, sadly, came up with nothing. Although we don’t have photographic evidence of this exciting event to this day, I did get to shake Quinto’s hand quietly say the words, “You’re my favorite actor…”  After this, he rushed out to something much more important.

Zachary Quinto

Don’t let him give you the Sylar look…

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This city, while sometimes challenging for the directionally challenged like myself, is a great destination to see for history lovers and adventurous travelers alike. These are some of the main things you don’t want to miss when you come here to visit, and also some things to keep an eye out for.

1) Don’t expect to get anywhere quickly on weeknights from 3:30-7:30 P.M. This is commonly referred to as “rush hour” in other cities, but other locations of this size are not comparable. You can expect to be stuck when going through any of the major tunnels in this town during these times for 2-3 hours at least.
2) There are free things that you can do every day in Pittsburgh. For example, many times, the museums around town will have days of the week where you can go for free all day long. Check out this site for more on that:
http://www.livingpittsburgh.com/2009/10/living-pittsburghs-free-and-affordable-events-listing-things-to-d/ .

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These yinzers have been around the block—the blocks of Pittsburgh, that is. These Pittsburghese bloggers write about whatever suits your fancy, including the terrible drivers in Pittsburgh, the roads in the ‘Burgh, and food to try in our Steel City. So, pay attention, you jagoff! These ‘Burgh blogs will teach you lessons about life, and everything you need to know about this great city.

Heinz Field Pittsburgh

We take football seriously in this town.

Ya Jagoff! This blogs has had some great posts in the past about Mike Lange (an awesome feature they do, called “Yakkin’ With Ya Jagoff”), Pittsburgh traffic news, and even comical memes to boot. Their images are some of the best. My recent favorite was about how they made Pittsburgh versions of the Coke bottles with names on them.

Minimum Wage Memoirs: This ruthless blog reminds of some of my tales from when I was taking the retail route through life (sometimes I wish I were back there). These memoirs tackle some of the most irritating tropes you’ll find in retail, and tell the story behind some of the most horrific sights the writer has seen in stores around the ‘Burgh. She also laments the fact that she works in customer service, but always comes back to the fact that we should all be good to each other, and even if it is “just retail,” you’re still working as a team, and the lessons you are learn in customer service cannot be taught anywhere else in life.

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Coming in as the largest state fair in the U.S. by average daily attendance and second largest state fair in the states by total attendance, this fair is a beast. They have everything you would ever want to taste in Minnesota, and you can eat it all in one day: hotdish on a stick, lefse, Swedish meatballs, fried oreos, fried buckeyes, and even red velvet funnel cakes. They also have skyrides, a huge slide, and roller coasters. I think the pizza tots and walleye cakes were my favorites of the day, but the fair is not for the faint of heart. Last year the fair attracted 1.79 million people.

skyride at Minnesota state fair

This was a picture I got from inside the skyride looking out at the whole fair.

big slide at Minnesota state fair

The big slide.

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What would you do if you had tourists in that weren’t hungry, and didn’t drink that much, besides call them a jagoff? I have 5 charismatic destinations that are guaranteed to thrill you and your friends and/or family. For example, in the little town of Swissvale, we have the exotic and enticing Trundle Manor. This place holds skeletons, skulls, and some jarred specimens for the curious friends on your list. For the artsy type,  there is Fallingwater, and for the outdoorsy type, the Carrie Furnaces. For the risk-takers, I would recommend Kayak Pittsburgh and Skydiving Pittsburgh.

Fallingwater PA

Photo credit: Esther Westerveld

Fallingwater: Frank Lloyd Wright designed and built this extraordinary house in Ohiopyle between 1936 and 1939. Check out the website link above for more pictures. You are sure to be amazed. Fun fact: Wright’s parents, the Kaufmanns, are from Pittsburgh, and yes, they are the same Kaufmanns who owned the chain of stores with the same name. Surprisingly, many of this home’s corners are made of glass. The house is built over a waterfall, and was priced at $155,000 in 1939 ($2.6 million inflation-adjusted for 2013). It is 5,330 feet of magnificence, and looks to be breathtaking.

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The keys to an awesome ‘Burgh baby shower are planning, place, and keeping the pregnant lady happy. There are a few other things to keep in mind, though, like centerpieces and games, for example. I think my family, friend, and I did a pretty good job at having a successful baby shower for my younger sister, so I’d like to share these tips with you. Hopefully this blog will help you if you ever have to throw a baby shower (ladies) so that you will have a great turnout, and have fun while you’re at it, too.

My first big tip is to pick a great place to have said baby shower. I got a tip from an invitation store owner/my old boss when we first started planning the baby shower: she advised having the baby shower at a restaurant. The main reasons were because you can reduce the amount of planning, and have less clean-up at that. Normally restaurants are good at being hospitable, also. I know the restaurant we picked even helped us do a lot of the heavy lifting, helping to bring decorations in and moving around tables in the closed-off party room, also. This was a huge help, and in the end, clean-up was a breeze. Having the food provided (besides the cake) was a great assist, too.

baby shower door sign

Baby shower door signs are sweet…

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