Celebrities from Pittsburgh

You may know him for his roles as Spock in the modern Star Trek movies, Sylar from Heroes, or even Adam Kaufman from 24, but I know him as a guy I saw in a Greentree Subway once.  In shock, I stared (hard) at someone who I thought looked a lot like Zachary Quinto in one of my favorite sandwich shops. I commented to my significant other that he in fact, looked A LOT like him. We continued to stare, and it finally dawned on us—it WAS Zachary Quinto! I think he realized others were coming to this conclusion, too, and rushed through his order (and no, I don’t know what he ordered). As he attempted to leave, my other half commented, “Mr. Quinto!” I was astounded that he got the courage up to utter his name. I know I didn’t. The next thing I know, the three of us were scrambling for a phone (our friend, Will, was here for this experience, also), as we had asked him if we could get a picture taken with him before he left. I ran to the car, and, sadly, came up with nothing. Although we don’t have photographic evidence of this exciting event to this day, I did get to shake Quinto’s hand quietly say the words, “You’re my favorite actor…”  After this, he rushed out to something much more important.

Zachary Quinto

Don’t let him give you the Sylar look…

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Joe Manganiello

Photo Credit: Ranzag, http://it.wikipedia.org/wiki/Utente:RanZag; srakirei, https://www.flickr.com/photos/sorakirei/

Did you know Joe Manganiello hails from our Steel City? This famous celebrity is from Mount Lebanon. He graduated from Mt. Lebanon High School in 1995, then went on to study Drama with (and graduate the same year as) Matt Bomer at Carnegie Mellon, where many greats of this city have come from.

Before that, though, he got paid to dress up as Captain Morgan at bars in Pittsburgh, and then went on to be Tyrese Gibson’s bodyguard for a while. After that, he began to act and never looked back.

Here are some (more) fun facts about Manganiello:

-His first acting role (besides a small short) was as Flash Thompson in Spider-Man.

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